• Synopsis

    Four orphan boys, all novice monks, live in a Buddhist monastery in the remote mountains of Northeast Myanmar. The head monk departs on a long journey from which he may never return. Once the boys are on their own, magical phenomena begins to occur. Witazara, the eldest of the four realises he must protect the other boys, as the peculiar events threaten to unravel the fabric of the young monks’ reality. Shot entirely in Myanmar with non-actors, this surreal coming-of-age story unfolds from a forgotten part of the world where there is neither electricity nor telephone. Merged with elements of ethnographic documentary, Golden Kingdom opens insights into a previously unseen Myanmar that is transforming by the moment.

  • Awards & Festivals
    • Berlinale 2015 - Generation section
    • Nominated for the Best First Feature Award at the Berlinale 2015
    • Fajr Film Festival, Teheran 2015
    • Febiofest Prague Film Festival 2015
    • Tripoli Film Festival 2015
    • Seoul International Youth Film Festival 2015 - Kid's Eye section
    • Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 - Cinema of our Time section
    • Bangkok ASEAN film festival 2015
    • Buddhist Film Festival Europe in Amsterdam 2015
    • Mill Valley Film Festival 2015 - U.S. premiere
    • Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers' Film Festival in Macedonia 2015
    • ASEAN Film Festival in Bangkok 2015
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  • 9th
  • 7:53pm

Director: Brian Perkins Country: USA Language: English Duration: 104 Minutes