About Inner Path

Teamwork Arts is proud to present The Inner Path (TIP), a festival of Buddhist films, art and philosophy from 7th - 11th April 2017 at the Alliance Française de Delhi.

The Inner Path Festival will showcase international Buddhist films in the presence of many of their directors, a curated exhibition of Buddhist art, discourses by eminent Buddhist scholars and practitioners such as the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa, Venerable Mingyur Rinpoche and Dipankr Khanna and engaging panel discussions.

Here's what our Director & Producers
think of the festival...

  • “In 2012 we started the first festival of Buddhist films, art and philosophy in India. Festivals of Buddhist films are now held all over the world and I was convinced that the time was right for us to do it in India”.

    Aruna Vasudev, Founder Director TIP
  • “With increasing curiosity - especially among the young - about Buddhism, it is time to look at its manifold aspects in today’s context. ‘The Inner Path’ Festival will help connect your inner being with the evocative in contemporary art forms such as films, photography and design, as well poetry and live performances”.

    Sanjoy Roy, Producer TIP

As Buddhism takes strides across India and the world, it is becoming clearer by the day that both the message and the practice of Buddhism are entering the consciousness of people. Buddhism can address the growing sense of inadequacy in the face of changes that people find difficult to cope with. Buddhism stands for peace, understanding, and acceptance as it spreads the message of compassion – and happiness.

The mélange of films, art, performances and philosophical dialogues by known practitioners and scholars will bring out the essence of Buddhism. We hope that at the end of the Festival you will emerge enriched and at ease with the outer and your inner world.